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Emdad runs down dementia

EMDAD RAHMAN has completed 100 kilometres of running to raise awareness of dementia. The Barking & Dagenham resident finished his course record today and celebrated with tea and a selfie with the Honourable Mayor of Barking & Dagenham.

Participants on Running Down Dementia are encouraged to lace up, raise £100 and defeat dementia by running or walking 100km before the end of August – all in order to power life-changing dementia research.

dementia 2Barking Mayor Sanchia Alasia commented, “Dementia has a direct effect not only on the wellbeing of the person living with it, but also their family too, along with impacting on friends, acquaintances, colleagues and the community. The consequences are far reaching. Well done to Emdad and everyone who has taken part in Running Down Dementia to raise awareness and revenue for such a vital cause.”

Emdad added, “I love Running Down Dementia as it’s an opportunity to involve and update my family, friends and community while running in the streets, open spaces and at parkrun. Right now 850,000 people in the UK are living with dementia. Around every one of those people are friends and family, often struggling to keep life on track themselves. By taking part in Running Down Dementia, I believe I’ve given hope to them all by funding vital dementia research. I’m grateful for the support I’ve had.”

Alzheimer’s Research UK is proud to be the official charity partner of Parkrun UK. Parkrunners have so far helped raise more than £890,000 for world-class research, which will help the Alzheimer Research mission to bring about the first life-changing treatment for dementia by 2025.

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