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Have a Nice wine – for NHS heroes

NICE IS A canned wine with a difference. The new company was originally formed to supply wine in recyclable cans – ideal for festivals, where the traditional glass wine bottles are too much of a hazard but plastic is unthinkable.

The first wines to be supplied were a Pale Rose and a Sauvignon Blanc. They were sold in Sainsburys, beginning last summer. They were to be followed by a red wine option this summer – an Argentinian Malbec, 13.5%, in a can.

The Malbec had to be put on hold, of course, as the Lockdown killed off festivals, parties and weddings where it might have been very welcome. However, rather than keep the wine on hold, NICE has found some alternatives use for it – ones which have a very charitable nature.

Back in March, NICE set up a “Nurses are Awesome” campaign. The public were invited to nominate an NHS carer who deserved a treat – and NICE rewarded them with a free can of wine. A total of £3,000 worth of wine was donated to carers this way.

Now NICE is going a step further. The wine has been bottled up after all – and now it will be sold, with all profits being donated to support the NHS. A special label has been designed, by The Clerkenwell Brothers, based on Ella, a frontline nurse, and a special website has been put together by Den Creative to help sell the new bottles. Both companies have charged minimal fees to maximise the profit going to the NHS.

You can purchase NICE wine in convenient cans from Sainsbury’s, Amazon, Ocado and Whistlestop. To support NICE’s campaign to support the NHS, buy a bottle of red from:

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