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Island Network supports sheltered residents

A LARGE TEAM from the Island Network has delivered support to Isle of Dogs residents who live in sheltered housing in E14.

The team, led by Island Network Chair Md Maium Miah, visited John Tucker House, Mary Jones Court and the Salvation Army’s Riverside House in Garford Street last week. They were able to hand out over 280 meals and packages of essential items to grateful residents.

The special delivery sees the Island Network break through the 3,000 barrier. Over 3,000 meals and food packs have been distributed to needy residents on the Isle of Dogs since the lockdown began.

Md Maium Miah said, “Once again I have to thank my team of volunteers who have come out to help local residents. I know residents are grateful to receive the support, but almost as valuable, when you are stuck indoors, is knowing that someone else cares.”

Md Maium Miah also thanked the Network’s sponsors, including One Housing Group, the Canary Wharf Group, local Mosques, the Nisa shop in Manchester Road, Docklands Halal Grocery, the Bhaji take-away, All Seasons Food and Rakesh Patel from Cyclops Mews.

For further information contact Maium Miah Talukdar, Island Network Chair, on 07983-798 791 or email:

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