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Have your say on a local Good Food Plan

Emdad Rahman

WANT TO HELP make nutritious, affordable and environmentally friendly food available to everyone in Barking & Dagenham? 

Company Drinks are thrilled to be working with the Council, Sustain and local residents on a research project to help develop a Good Food Plan for Barking & Dagenham. This plan will outline how the Council will work with residents and partners across Barking & Dagenham to make nourishing, culturally-appropriate, sustainable and tasty food available to everyone.

The team is currently gathering evidence to help develop the plan and want to understand the diversity of local food cultures and the local initiatives that are already building more inclusive food systems. Company Drinks also want to learn about approaches in other areas that are building more nourishing, affordable and sustainable food systems.

For this initial research, the team want to hear from as many local residents, businesses and enterprises as possible. The insights and ideas of participants will inform the vision, goals and activities of the plan.

Some of the questions being asked include:
How can a healthier, more sustainable local food system be built?
What’s needed for more inclusive, community-led food projects?
What are the diverse food cultures of Barking & Dagenham and how can they be celebrated?
Who are the inspirational Good Food Champions?
Who is already doing great work to grow and share good food systems in Barking & Dagenham?

If you’re a local resident, a food business or a food grower; if you’re cooking for the community; or are simply interested in hearing more about healthy, sustainable projects, please sign up to the Good Food mailing list at:
You’ll be sent a survey, information about engagement events being run and other updates.

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