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Hundreds of Wallys join ranks to promote literacy

Where’s Wally fun run: helping children read and write

Emdad Rahman

Hundreds wore the famous stripes shirt, hat and spectacles as the National Literacy Trust successfully oversaw the Where’s Wally? fun run for the third time in London. The Wallys walked, jogged and ran five or ten kilometres to help children read and write. The event turned Victoria Park into a fun, high-spirited arena.

Anna Jones, the National Literacy Trust’s event manager, said: “We are delighted with the response from the public to this year’s Where’s Wally? run and are extremely grateful to everyone who took part or supported it. It was fantastic to see Wallys of all ages and abilities coming together to support literacy and raise money to help us continue our valuable work.”

Emdad Rahman spoke to Lauren LaTulip, a librarian at a school in North London.


ER:       How did you find the run experience?
LL:       I ran for the first time last year and couldn’t wait to get involved again. The atmosphere on the day was fantastic and I really enjoyed the run, while feeling like I’d done something meaningful for a important cause.

ER:       What one thing was memorable for you?
LL:       Running as one of a crowd of Wallys is really an unforgettable experience – I couldn’t help but smile!

ER:       Why did you choose to run?
LL:       As a school librarian, children’s literacy is a subject close to my heart. I think the Where’s Wally? fun run is a brilliant way to raise money and support the work of the National Literacy Trust

ER:       Did you have friends and family supporting you?
LL:       Yes, this year family and friends joined in the run as well, and a couple of cheering supporters were waiting at the finish.

ER:       How did you feel when completing the run and receiving your medal?
LL:       I felt a real sense of achievement when I crossed the finish line and received my medal. 10K is a long run for me. I am proud to have been part of this year’s event.

ER:       Would you do it again? Why?
LL:       Definitely! It’s the second time I’ve taken part and I’d love to run again to try to beat my time and raise even more money! I’d urge everyone to join in next year and would love to encourage student athletes to be involved.

ER:       Are you a Wally fan?
LL:       Of course – children of all ages love Wally!

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