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Imam faces the youngsters

Emdad Rahman

MOHAMMED HUSSAIN, who hails from Bedford, has been appointed the first full time Imam at Darul Ummah Goresbrook. As part of his interview process, the Shaikh was grilled by young people.

The appointment procedure of each candidate for Imam and Community Liaison Manager involved the candidates meeting with two panels: one of adults and the other composed of local youngsters. A major part of the selection committee’s decision was based on the reaction and feedback shared by the youngsters.

Rongu Miah from Darul Ummah Goresbrook commented, “We have tremendous community outreach programmes at DUG, and it was important for our young panel to meet their Imam and Community Liaison Manager.

They took their role seriously and took notes, scored and made recommendations. Moderation took place with the adult panel who went along with the young people’s recommendations.”

“If mosques want to attract young people they have to be included as part of the decision making process.”

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