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July Voice raises worries over trees

LONDON IS packed with politicians who support planting more trees. They are rivalling each other – each promising to plant more than the other this year, or over a four year term of office.

Now The Voice, monthly newsletter of the East London Garden Society (ELGS), has revealed that London is not gaining trees – we’re losing them. More than 47,000 trees have been felled in London boroughs, but only 43,000 have been planted to replace them. To help stop the cull, The Voice has launched a petition to end the felling of ancient trees.

Other ecological issues considered this month are building on green field sites and how to improve conditions for wildlife across the UK.

Also in this month’s issue is a look at the elder tree – which gives us elderberry and elder flower. Both have been used medicinally over centuries. There’s also a recipe for mint wine – which may or may not be medicinal too.

Read the July issue of The Voice here:
The Voice

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