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London Lions acquire Jordan Jackson

LONDON LIONS have announced a new signing: all 6’9’’ of Jordan Jackson – who was born in Leeds but has played all his basketball to date in the USA, notably at Florida A&M.

Jackson has recently graduated from McMurry University. This will be his first professional season, and he starts it after achieving an average just short of nine points and five boards.

Jackson said, “I am glad to be a part of this great programme with focussed players and great staff. I can feel nothing but success for our season. I just want to thank the Lions for bringing me on board and I’m ready to get the train rolling.”

Coach Vince Macaulay added, “Jordan is strong and has a strong presence. I think he has a learning curve ahead of him but he has shown huge athleticism and a willingness to learn, he will certainly help us in the paint and on the glass.”

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