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Food parcels queue up, ready for distribution, thanks to public generosity to date.

Manorfield Head runs a lockdown marathon

AS WE KNOW, life is a marathon, not a sprint – and the headteacher of Manorfield Primary School in Poplar is taking this saying to heart.  He’s trying to raise funds to help pupils through the second phase of the Lockdown.  

The London Marathon would have been an excellent opportunity for Paul Jackson to raise money – but the Coronavirus pandemic has put this annual fun run among the many public events that have been cancelled. If you have an (almost) empty school at your disposal, however, there is no need to panic.

The enterprising Mr Jackson has created a 650 metre course around Manorfield School. It begins in the staffroom and heads off, through the corridors, out to the playground. It returns through the school and up the stairs and goes past the de-populated classrooms before arriving back at the start.

Of course school would be empty on a Sunday anyway, without a civil Lockdown – but touring the school must still be a reminder of the pupils who are locked away at home rather than practising their phonics.  Anyway, Mr Jackson has been shuffling his number bonds and borrowing extra fingers – and he’s worked out that if he runs the school route 65 times, he will complete a marathon.

At the time of writing, Mr Jackson’s efforts have raised a splendid £1,000 from just 47 supporters, but there are over 400 needy families for school funds to look after. As Mr Jackson spends London Marathon Day running through the school corridors (corridors where pedestrians are usually required to walk, not run) and as, in due course, he sinks into a comfy armchair with a foot spa and a nice cup of tea, please rewards his efforts by making a donation to Mr Jackson’s Covid-19 Emergency Response Lockdown Marathon for Manorfield.

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