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Randy Rainbow parodies Trump

DONALD TRUMP has long been a much more effective inspiration for comedians than he is a president of the USA. He would be the gift that keeps on giving.

Trump’s latest gaffe was to suggest that Coronavirus could be killed by bleach or disinfectant, so cleaning fluids could be ingested or injected to kill the virus in an infected person. Medics and journalists alike were aghast to hear this suggestion: ingesting these fluids would be highly likely to kill the infected person rather than the virus within them (so don’t try that at home).

What you can do at home, given the amount of time we are all spending in our own ones these days, is to listen to Randy Rainbow – who has turned Mary Poppins to parady the President in the manner of A Spoonful of Sugar.  Watch, enjoy, share – and, if you are in the USA, vote Biden in November.

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