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New hope for Mosul’s leukemia children

LIFE DOESN’T STOP just because there is a war on – but sometimes it does get put on hold for a while.

Children in Mosul have been in danger because of the fighting going on around them, but for some children – those with leukemia – the everyday danger has been all the greater because they have had to interrupt their treatment.

Now the Human Relief Foundation (HRF) has stepped in to help. Representatives of the charity went to Mosul and, working with local people, they have rebuilt the leukemia ward of the Ibn Al-Atheer Teaching Hospital. The work was intense – but the urgent project was completed in just 35 days.

This ward was a unique resource in Mosul – the only place where innocent children could be treated. It was destroyed in the recent conflict between the forces trying to take control of Mosul and Syria. Thanks to the intervention of HRF, children are able to resume their treatment.

Dr. Nabeel, President of HRF, explained, “The ward was in complete devastation. For the people of Mosul to suffer the effects of the conflict whilst dealing with children suffering from cancer with no available treatment was unacceptable to us. Human Relief Foundation is dedicated to relieving suffering and I would like to thank our donors and participating staff. The level of compassion, determination, and generosity enabled this project to be completed swiftly and has the potential to save the lives of thousands of children.”

You can see a video showing the shocking state of the ward, repair work and the opening of the restored ward here:

For more information about HRF, their work, and how you can support it, go to:


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