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Seven arrested in Mile End drugs raid

WAS A flat in Eric Street, E3, the headquarters of a massive drugs operation? That is the question being asked after police searched the property – arresting seven suspects and seizing large quantities of cash and drugs.

The raid was carried out as dawn broke on 15th May by officers from the Central East Gangs Taskforce team. The seven, six men and a woman, were all in the flat – though four were arrested as they tried to run away.  Those arrested also threw several hundred grams of illegal drugs off the balcony, in what would see to be an attempt to avoid detection.

In the flat police found blocks of what appeared to be heroin and crack cocaine – as well as around 1,000 wraps of what appeared to be illegal drugs packaged up in small quantities ready for sale. All the substances found were sent off for testing.

Also found in the flat was a ten ton press and a money counting machine, along with approximately £12,000 in notes and £15,000 in coins. There was also a loaded gun, wrapped up in a towel – which has also been sent away for analysis.

The men who were arrested are thought to be in their late teens or early 20s. The woman who was arrested is thought to be just 15 years of age.

Detective Sergeant Sam Livesey, who is part of the investigation team, said, “My team are delighted to have seized such a substantial amount of drugs and a dangerous weapon. This is the result of our hard work and will make London’s streets all the safer. The Gangs Taskforce at Central East, covering Hackney and Tower Hamlets, are absolutely committed to targeting the most serious and violent criminals. Operations like this are evidence that if you are involved in serious criminality, you can expect to see us at your door soon.”

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