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Thought for today 25.07.20

TOWER HAMLETS COUNCILLORS: what are they like? The hot topic in the Borough is the decision of Executive Mayor John Biggs to impose new contracts (“Tower Rewards”) on the Council workforce.  Do Labour Councillors back him or not? Ten councillors have signed an open letter asking him to think again.  Thirty-one have not.  It’s time we got to know our councillors a bit better, so this month we’ll be sharing some quotes from Labour’s public representatives.

“Good morning from beautiful Wapping.”
Cllr Abdal Ullah, St Katharine’s & Wapping, Mayoral Advisor for Public Realm, Twitter

Cllr Ullah is clearly devoted to his ward and all the Council workers who do good things in it. Could he speak up for Council workers across the borough and urge the Executive Mayor to think again on Tower Rewards? Why not suggest it to him?

Contact Cllr Ullah on:
07956-124 264

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