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Homeless London braces itself for winter

Emdad Rahman

BEFORE YOU turn away put yourself in their place… Joe joined the ranks and made his debut tonight. I had barely said hello and given him a hug and we were in action. He took to it like a duck to water and served soup non stop like the trooper that he is. 

one third 1You see we had a sizeable and friendly crowd waiting to be served by One Third Soup Kitchen tonight. They waited patiently in the cold but it was clear that they were simply famished. Stan was joined by a whole cohort of youngsters – Inas, Talha, Inayyah, Hamza, Abbas, Minhaj and little Safa.

The biriani made by Farida and Momtaz was simply delicious and the soup made by my niece, Ehsan, and their little Safa had many returning for seconds and thirds. In total we served 62 homeless friends tonight and I think the kids really enjoyed the experience. And that is always a great bonus.

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