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Al Noor delivers to the whole community

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#MASJIDALNOOR on the Gascoigne Estate has a dedicated team of volunteers who are focussing on serving the estate and surrounding localities in the borough of Barking & Dagenham.

The majority of the team are from the local and vibrant Tanzanian community. They are a credit to a diverse borough which just over a decade ago had several BNP councillors at the town hall – dividing the community with a warped message, which included using immigrants as scapegoats for negative issues which affected local people.

The Al Noor Trust has a dedicated Foodbank area, as well as space for cold storage. Once complete, it will play host to one of the best facilities of this nature in East London. It was a pleasure joining the team to help out on today’s operations.

Al Noor Masjid is inclusive and will serve everybody and anybody who needs a little bit of help. The service is discreet and deliveries or pick ups can be arranged.

I witnessed this statement in action as we were leaving the Masjid. On the doorstep behind us in the group picture were a father and son duo from the local hostel. They were both drunk – and drinking within the Mosque boundaries. No harsh words were exchanged, and two team members quickly prepared another foodpack which was handed over. Both said thank you and went and sat a little away from the entrance.

There are positive lessons in exercising patience and compassion. Mbarak Said from the Al Noor Cultural and Educational Trust commented, “We are a fairly new community, but we are passionate and reluctant to see our community remain disadvantaged. This is why we took the decision to complement our local authority and provide additional support during these hard times to those who need it most. We are here for everybody.”

If anyone would like to donate food then here is a list of preferred items:
pasta or noodles;

Contact the Al Noor Trust:
Email: alnoor@alnoorcet.co.uk
WhatsApp number +447305243259

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