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Volunteers assist in distribution of Qurbani meat in association with the East London Mosque. PHOTOS: Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief and Mosque distribute Qurbani meat

ONE HUNDRED bags of Qurbani meat have been distributed to the local community thanks to a joint effort by international relief charity Islamic Relief and the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre.

Many recipients of the meat are from less fortunate backgrounds. They include struggling families and single parents – and, this year, some Kashmiri residents who are unable to return home due to the escalating level of conflict in their homeland.

Maryam Centre Manager Sufia Alam distributes Qurbani meat.

Sufia Alam, Maryam Centre Manager at the East London Mosque, said, “There are many families struggling financially throughout the year who find it harder to feel the joy of Eid Al-Adha. We receive requests every Eid from those who miss out on this blessed meat. With this partnership, we want to spread the love and share the blessing of this sacred day with our local community.

“No one should feel left out on Eid. At the heart of the biggest Muslim community in London, the East London Mosque supports many vulnerable people. Thanks to Islamic Relief, we now have the opportunity to bring joy and share meat with these families as part of reviving our Islamic obligations.”

Tufail Hussain, Director of Islamic Relief UK, said, “We thank East London Mosque for working with us to deliver Qurbani and share the happiness of Eid with families who are struggling and going hungry. Poverty in the UK is worsening and we are increasingly helping more people on our own doorstep. Eid is the time when we share meat with our neighbours and those less fortunate. The generosity of the Mosque will help ease the suffering of many in London and this is the true spirit of Eid. We wish everyone a blessed Eid Mubarak.”

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