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Thought for today 30.08.20

AS WORLD leaders look for a way to repair a global economy deeply injured by the first wave of Coronavirus, we look this month at the struggle between the wealthy and the workers – and what has been said about ...

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BMA welcomes mask measures

FACE COVERING measures on public transport and hospitals are only the first step says the British Medical Association (BMA). Doctors have long been campaigning for more masks – and more public information about wearing them – to help slow down ...

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Thought for today 31.05.20

WHAT WILL our “new normal” look like? This month we have been considering “thoughts” from various iconoclasts who are looking for, or have worked for, change – in favour of freedom, equality and justice for the many. Can we grasp ...

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Healthcare or Warfare?

THE Stop the War Coalition is holding a virtual meeting on Saturday, 16th May to explore the issue of government expenditure on keeping people healthy and, on the other hand, killing them. The military never seem to go short of ...

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