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One Third soup kitchen rounds off Ramadan

Emdad Rahman

The One Third soup kitchen team finished the last shift of Ramadan 2016 with a biriani belter at Stratford City. The night’s team consisted of a mix of adults and kiddos, all determined to serve their community.

Homeless citizens are no different from any of us. It’s not choice but circumstances which put the homeless in such dark places. I mean, what sadist would go out intentionally to sleep rough or in a hostel? They deserve the same respect and dignity as any other fellow being.

The kids were briefed on etiquette and each one was on top form, serving, smiling and chatting to our homeless guests. We had a police officer join us for a bit, while he was waiting to be picked up by his colleagues. With Germany playing Italy in the Euros, the town centre was bustling and it made sense to have the visible presence of the boys and girls in blue among us.

The delicious biriani was gone within the hour. The punters said it was delicious. We couldn’t sample even a teeny morsel because everyone was fasting and there was none to take away. That’s how good it was.

The food was provided by Chach Moklis and his family on behalf of their deceased father. He was a true soul and his legacy lives on among his children and grandchildren. I should know – three generations of my family have had the good fortune of mingling with these rascals.

Our regulars were there. Rosie took extras and the Eastern Europeans were very friendly with the kids. We did miss the bubbly Amanda tonight. Bully said he hadn’t seen her for a while and we hope she’s good.

Thanks to Abdullah, Talha, Zainab, Ayesha, Amina, Hamza and Aunty Dil for the cracking support.

If you see a homeless person next time you’re out, then please buy them a bottle of water, or a coffee or a sandwich. Smile and talk to them for just one minute. You’ll fill their day with sunshine.

If you’d like to help me on a shift then you can message me on Twitter: @emdad07



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