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Sounds on Sunday (7)

It’s 40 years since 10cc released their fourth album – the last with the original line up all working together. Rock ‘n’ roll lullaby is a number you catch yourself humming days later. The lyrics tell it like it is in terms of getting the kids to sleep – the hell and the final forgiveness being probably most appreciated by parents. It’s a Gouldman-Stewart composition – one of their better ones, though the timing of its appearance on the album meant it got less attention than some of their less memorable numbers from their later works. Godley takes the first lead vocal: it’s not the best number to showcase his voice, but it suits well enough, and Eric takes the second lead vocal – not the first time they have shared the credits in this way. The group has thrown the guitars (and similar) at this number – surely the uncredited guitar solo in the middle is Eric doing one of the things he does best? Shocking as it must seem to the younger generation, this is yet another 10cc track which was never captured live. Here’s the fan club film, with lyrics.



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