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On the left, John Biggs; on the right, this is not Cllr Rachel Blake.

Biggs and Blake take time out for rubbish

IT WAS A day out at the recycling plant for Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs and his Cabinet Member for Strategic Development and Waste, Cllr Rachel Blake, last Thursday.

The two Labour politicians headed down to the Bywaters Recovery facility on the banks of the river Lea in Bow, where 12,000 tonnes of Tower Hamlets rubbish is processed each year.

The pair had a tour of the whole facility to see for themselves how the state of the art equipment deals with a delivery of incoming rubbish and turns it into raw materials which can be sent off to be processed into new products.

John Biggs was thoroughly appreciative of the plant, saying, “Recycling facilities such as this one help local residents to make the most out of their waste. By maximising recycling, as well as making other positive environmental choices, we can help to make Tower Hamlets a cleaner and greener place to live and work.”

Cllr Rachel Blake was equally evangelical, saying, “It is really important for local residents to hear about what happens to their waste after it is collected by the Council. Providing clear communication about what can and can’t be recycled and highlighting how recycled objects can be repurposed into everyday items, is all part of our mission to increase our recycling rate.”

A spokesperson for Tower Hamlets Women’s March said, “It is very welcome that the Mayor and Cabinet Member have taken the time to check that our recycling facilities are going to leave the borough our better place for our children. I hope that when he got back to his desk the mayor spent some time working out how to keep the Council’s three nurseries open. Our children need nurseries as well as environmentally friendly rubbish disposal.”

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