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Island Network had a busy month of May

VOLUNTEERS FROM the Island Network – a network of Bangladeshi-led community groups on the Isle of Dogs – were out and about in the community last month. They continued their delivery of food to needy residents – and tackled litter hot spots.


Global Walk with Dabirul Chacha

The warm-up event for the May programme took place in late April. Island Network volunteers joined in with the spirit of the Global Walk by going on a local walk around Millwall Park and raising money to support the Orphans Shelter Foundation.
Donations can still be made here:


Cleaning up the waterfront

On 18th May, Island Network volunteers turned their hands to cleaning up the environment. Over 15 volunteers spent the afternoon cleaning up litter left on the various pedestrian areas beside the water on the Isle of Dogs. The event was organised by a partnership of the Island Network, One Housing Group, and Thames 21 – a campaign which specialises in organisation volunteer clean-ups around our waterways.
Dilawar Hussain, from Thames 21, said, “Thanks to all the Island Network and One Housing for helping bring residents and volunteers out to the foreshore to help with the clean up and showing support for the Thames connection project.”
Maium Talukdar, Chair of the Island Network, said the event had been a positive way to enhance the local environment. “We are fortunate to have such wonderful spaces for people to enjoy and equally we have a responsibility to keep them safe and clean,” he said.


Hot meals delivery

Maium Talukdar (right) leads the way with food distribution.

On 24th May, Island Network volunteers delivered over 100 hot meals to vulnerable residents on the Isle of Dogs.  The recipients had all been identified through the Network’s ongoing work with the community, particularly over the last year. That delivery of food was supported by the East End Community Foundation.  The Network will continue to deliver hot meals to vulnerable residents.

Commenting on the month’s efforts, Island Network Chair Maium Talukdar said, “I am so proud of our Island Network team.  We have distributed over 50,000 meals and food packs since the lockdown first began.”

If you, or anyone you know on the Isle of Dogs, would benefit from a food delivery, please call Maium Talukdar on 07983-798 791 or email the Network at:

For more information about the Island Network and to volunteer to help, go to:
Island Network

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