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Sounds on Sunday (5)

10cc’s How Dare You came out 40 years ago. As a Long Playing Record on vinyl (LP), it had two sides – and today we close the first side with “Iceberg”. As a Gouldman/Godley number, it is again by one of the less common writing partnerships – mirrored in the vocal partnership, as Gouldman takes first lead vocals with Godley on second lead vocals.

A song about a stalker – from a stalker’s point of view – is a little more disturbing these days than it was in the 1970s. “Iceberg” is not extolling stalking, but it is being light-hearted about a subject we would probably not be light hearted about in the 2010s. Listen to it as a song of its time – it will be balanced out later on in the album.





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